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Michael Robinson supported me with excellent service. Answered every question with certainty and assured me that I will be taken care of. He provided me with the service that I didn't even know I could have to better the performance of my PC. in the event that that I have any questions in the future I would greatly appreciate the service of Mr. Robinson. He made me feel comfortable with my lack of knowledge about my PC. He is a very good individual to have on your team and I personally feel he needs to be praised by the upper level administration. Keep up the excellent and hard work, I see a raise in pay for you in the future. Thank you again sir for your help.


Your service support is awesome! Both times we called you, once for purchase and once for installation. Awesome, Great and quick I like that, will be recommending to everyone I know. Thank You so much, we appreciate you.


Ryan was extremely nice and explained to me in detail what the issues with my computer are. He talked to me with respect and not just like another number to be dealt with. I can hear his smiles through the phone and his pateience was amazing. I was upset and he added small talk as to create a personal conncetion with me. I felt like i was talking to a honest real person and not someone simply reading from a script. My computer was fixed within an hour. I was unable to talk to the level 3 technician who fixed my omputer but whoever they may be was so fast and efficient. I didnt eveen realized the hour had passed. Thanks for everything.


It was wonderful talking to technicians who do not have a strong accent and I can understand. I am old and my hearing is not good; my hearing aids squeal. I applaud the technicians for their patience with me. My computer looks really great, now. I haven't had a chance to try it out though. I only spoke with Robert a few seconds, but his voice was loud & clear and I didn't have to ask him to repeat..


Jared was very professional, and within seconds I felt very at ease with him. He did an excellent job.


Robert Johnson is awesome! He was very kind and patient with me when I really needed it. I am recovering from a spinal fusion and have a hard time thinking clearly due to pain meds and pain.
I cannot speak highly enough about how he helped me. I cannot get out yet so he set up the work order and made it possible for me to get the protection I need for my terribly infected computer. He made me feel so comfortable about not knowing about my own computer. I am 58, and pretty much a dinosaur!
He treated me with such courtesy and thoughtfulness, I feel like he could be a friend of one of my own sons'.
please be sure to put this in his permanent record, he deserves it!
Thank you, sincerely,
M. P.
P.S. His Supervisor, whom I spoke with to tell him how wonderful Robert was, was VERY kind too!


Hello Dave,

I understand you are the boss.
I would like to take a minute to brag on your employee, Chris Fox.
At first, wasn't sure, with the accent. Haha. He grew on me. Very professional and explained everything very clear, easy and patient with my second to none knowledge. Hate paying money for things like this, a typical lady, but helped me feel at easy about it all.
Great employee! Deserves some perks, a bonus, a raise!
Thank you for your time.
"Happy customer" thus far...
Tosha L.


To whom it may concern,

Michael “Rapidteck” gave me the best service possible, He is stellar! I feel blessed the it was he who answered my call for help. I am working overtime and have not been able to THANK YOU for the patient, skilled and total care given me by Michael. Not sure of his full name, but you know who he is; I would appreciate passing my comments on to him.
I would like to know if he could do my servicing when I need help!

In thanks,
Karl M.


"Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is ***** and I’m writing because I feel the need to speak when an outstanding job/service has been performed. There are way too many complaints everywhere I go inside and outside of the house of the quality of services and not many people note the good things.
I signed up for your $99 package that gave me cleanup on my computer and 30 days of support. I have had to call in numerous times, in fact, too many to count. I finally got connected to one of your employees Tech #894, Adam Cozzi. He was so friendly, polite and patient and so informative that I will only speak to him when I call for service. He has helped me so very much in trying to get my computer working. My computer had over 66,000 viruses or malware on it and we are down to the last few. I’m confident that he can finish this process for me and make my computer up and running new again.
I wanted to also write because if you are considering a certain Tech to be a supervisor of others, this is your man. He knows the computer, how to run it, how to go to areas to fix it and he would be the best for the job. I don’t even know if you are looking for one in the future, but from the experience I’ve gotten with the other Tech’s it seems like they need some superior training and Adam could do such a job for sure.
I plan on calling Adam tomorrow due to a problem I’m having again. I’m sort of looking forward to speaking to him. I have a chronic illness and he always makes me feel special and makes me feel happier starting the day with him.
I hope your company rewards people that do extra special things for people because if anyone deserves something it’s Adam. He’s just plain awesome and I’m so thankful that I found him with your company.
Thank you so much for your time and consideration in doing something special for Adam.
***** *****"

Customer Experience Feed:

(10/17/14) "BENZ and JAMES were great!!"
- M. B.

(10/17/14) "The fellow who helped was very patient. I am not too good on the computer and was happy to get the help."
- R. R.

(10/17/14) " Bob Johnson was very very helpful and nice. He didn't make me feel dumb because I don't know computers well."
- J. S.

(10/17/14) "Thanks for the courteous service."
- R. G.

(10/17/14) "my agent was the best very helpful"
- J. P.

(10/16/14) "Thank you for fixing my computer so quickly. Phill and Easton were very helpful over the phone. I am completely happy."
- C.

(10/16/14) " Adam is the best agent you have. You need 12 just like him or make him a manager."
- C. G.

(10/16/14) "Very Friendly Service. (Agent) was very nice and was very descriptive with my computer's problem."
- S. T.

(10/16/14) "At this point, things seem to be working satisfactorily. Got off to a rock start, but hopefully all is well now. Thanks, Easton, for attending to this. I do appreciate it. Easton took the time to work with me, asked me my concerns, and did not just push it off onto the equipment of my provider."
- K. K.

(10/16/14) " Techs Robert Johnson was extremely helpful. The tech who worked on my problems got them fixed. Thank you guys. "
- C. G.

(10/16/14) "Excellent tech support by Michael Robinson. Very professional, helpful and answered all questions."
- W. W.

(10/16/14) "adam is the best!"
- C. L.

(10/16/14) "Benz was a joy to work with. He didn't rush me and answered my questions not making me feel "dumb""
- M. M.

(10/16/14) "Your techs are very patient and gave good instructions Thank you"
- J. T.

(10/16/14) "Thanks to everyone. You were great!"
- R & G. B.

(10/16/14) "OUTSTANDING!"
- G. T.

(10/16/14) "Adam was very patient and is knowledgeable in all aspects where I had questions, plus..."
- P. H.

(10/15/14) "The techs who worked with me were patient and hard working"
- C. P.

(10/15/14) "I had Greg the first time I called and then Chris the second time.Both were very helpful."
- P. S.

(10/15/14) "Marty did a great job!"
- D. B.

(10/15/14) " I was a little apprehinsive at frist but, thank you for a job well done! Rick was great! Without a doubt."
- H. M.

(10/15/14) " Awesome.........Thank you Marty!!!!!! God bless you! Thank you Rapid Tech Service!!!"

(10/15/14) "Thank you so very much you guys are a blessing. Thanks for all the help. Geni "
- G. K.

(10/14/14) "Alan, my contact was very accomidating (?), congenial and patient. It was great being able to speak and communicate with a human that spoke understandably."
- J. H.

(10/13/14) " Agent was very helpful! Thank you!"

(10/13/14) " You are all so great and so kind and so very pleasent and patient."

(10/13/14) "The two young men that assisted me were very helpful and patient with me, because I was very nervous. I thank them for their work!"
- J. M.

(10/13/14) "Rick was very helpful and knowledgeable and the techs did well also."
- C. M.

(10/13/14) "You Tech's are so great, As an old lady who is so p.c. dumb, I have to give thanks for all your knowledge and help. Thank you and God bless. Sincerely Sharon #78899."
- S.

(10/13/14) "Patient and the response was quite fast so that is very admirable."
- E. P.

(10/13/14) "Rick was very professional and, even though I don't know much about computers, he didn't talk to me like I was a complete idiot. He was willing to go over everything and discuss my concerns."
- J. B.

(10/13/14) "Ryan was great - explained everything so a novice like myself could understand."
- P. C.

(10/13/14) "Chris was very helpful in his explanations of programs and problems."
- M. D.

(10/13/14) "Ryan was very nice and my tech support was fast and efficient."
- S.

(10/11/14) "I was impressed with the persistance of the technicians."
- T.G.

(10/11/14) "Gregg was very helpful and friendly"
- R. O.

(10/11/14) "Very nice and very helpful. "
- C.O.

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(10/11/14) "Chris Fox...awesome!!"
- B.W.

(10/11/14) "Initially I had concerns about my security, and had problems with the first remote session. Kelsey helped me the following day to resolve and get things cleaned up and protected. and feel better about the whole experience. Kelsey was knowledgeable and detailed about the service."
- K. V.

(10/11/14) "Chris Fox...awesome!!"
- B.W.

(10/10/14) "Extremely professional and thorough, Thank You for your help."
- M.

(10/10/14) "Jarrod was extremely kind and helpful"
- M.S.

(10/10/14) "Jacob Dalton was very nice and very helpful! He took the time to help me understand what was going on with my computer. I really appreciated him!"
- C.Y.

(10/10/14) "Thank you for getting my computer cleaned up in only a few hours. I'm so glad that I did not have to take it into a repair place and have to be without it for a few days or more. Eugene thoroughly explained everything to me about what the issues were that he found and how they could be fixed."
- E.S.

(10/08/14) "Thank you very much!!! Jon was very considerate and helpful!! Y'all did an excellent job! I very pleased!"
- J. A.

(10/08/14) "Very happy. Ryan Carr was professional and helpful as I am in school and needed the problem fixed. he was patient and took the time to explain the problem and how he found it and he offered options as well. Still nervous about the using the computer but glad it's working."
- M. B.

(10/08/14) "James Morelin was very helpful to me and explained everything to me!"
- D. C.

(10/08/14) "Thank You for the information and working with me to get my computer fixed."
- D. S.

(10/07/14) "very helpful and professional!"
- S. L.

(10/07/14) "Adam was great!"
- E. S.

(10/07/14) "very polite!"
- S. R.

(10/07/14) "You guys are great!!!!!!!"
- F.

(10/07/14) "super fast service, and tech #921 steve cross was very helpful. #921, thanks for the help!! "
- M.

(10/07/14) "Naomi was very reassuring and helpful."
- B. D.

(10/06/14) "GREAT!"
- W. R.

(10/06/14) "Very happy!"
- C. J.

(10/06/14) "Both agents were patient, very knowledgeable, just great to work with!"
- M. M.

(10/06/14) "The service was very prompt and the service technician were very helpful in supplying other needs for my computer. Very professional! (Agent) Awesome and very professional! Thank you very much, God bless!"
- B. F.

(10/06/14) "Good Job, to help a senior citizen and guide her through step by step. Thank you! Agent Ryan was very helpful, guiding me through steps, as he was making corrections on my Dell Computer and Microsoft programs."
- H. M.

(10/05/14) "Your tech was very nice and courteous!"
- P. E.

(10/05/14) "Agents Richard and Amanda were excellent! 100% satisfied with their service and expertise!"
- T. P.

(10/05/14) "You guys rocked thanks for everything. Very nice gentleman. Never knew you guys were around will def use again!"
- T. C.

(10/05/14) "Agents Richard and Amanda were excellent! 100% satisfied with their service and expertise!"
- T. P.

(10/05/14) " All the staff That I talked to were extremely helpful and courteous."
- J. A.

(10/05/14) "The tech even explained and answered questions at the end. Both the guy/tech on the phone and the one fixing the computer were great."
- T. L.

(10/05/14) "The technician was knowledgeable and explained the process completely. Extremely professional and instilled confidence."
- G. A.

(10/04/14) "Good job!"
- M. J.

(10/04/14) "The service was superior! Thank you!"
- J. V.

(10/04/14) "Completely Satisfied. Very knowledgeable and polite."
- J. A.

(10/04/14) "Michael Robinson was very helpful and really hung in there with me. My computer was a mess!"
- C. D.

(10/04/14) "One of the nicest and most helpful agents I have ever worked with."
- A. M.

(10/03/14) "Completely Satisfied. 100% likely to refer family and/or friends."
- R. M.

(10/03/14) "Nicholas Jones was very helpful with assisting me. I have already referred your office to assist another friend of mine."
- C. G.

(10/03/14) "Quite Satisfied. Agent 4 was wonderful. Likely to refer family and/or friends."
- C. H.

(10/03/14) "AWESOME! Thanks. Completely Satisfied. 100% likely to refer family and/or friends."
- S. H.

(10/03/14) "Quite Satisfied. Completely Satisfied with Agent. Likely to refer family and/or friends."
- L. B.

(10/03/14) "Completely Satisfied. 100% likely to refer family and/or friends."
- C. B.

"I will definitely recommend you."
- Adriana C.

"Thank you so much. You people are great."
- Shelley M.



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